Where are you feeling stuck in your life? Is it your career? Your business?
Is it your health? Is it your relationships? What if I had the THE SECRET THAT IS GOING TO GET YOU UNSTUCK FROM ANY OF THOSE? Do you want to know what it is? IT’S YOU! You are the secret to getting unstuck.

YOU are the key to making it happen!

Vision is the destination, strategy is the pathway there, and you are the key to making it happen.
Mindset is 90% of it… It’s the stories you tell yourself, the doubts that are preventing you from taking action and moving forward… If you were an iceberg, what’s holding you back is what’s lying underneath the iceberg, which is the largest part of the iceberg.
Let me tell you when I was feeling stuck, I was working a 9-5, climbing the corporate ladder on track for a promotion. We were transitioning and I was a part of what was going to be an enterprise-wide innovation-driving team. I wanted to feel excited, I wanted to feel like everything I had been working towards was leading me here, like the work that I was going to be doing was going to make a real impact… But actually, I felt the opposite… I felt like no one really wanted to change and the more energy I put in, the more drained I felt, to the point where I had nothing left and I was experiencing body aches and pains. On the outside looking in, you wouldn’t have been able to tell… I put up a good front. Ya, I’m still excited! I’m good! I felt this overwhelming feeling like if I don’t do something drastic…. If I don’t take this chance while we’re in transition and things are still being figured out, I’m never going to snap out of this funk I’m in. Then I started googling – what to do when you’re in a funk. How to get your mojo back The stuff that came up was all around:
  • Find your purpose
  • What are your hobbies
  • Success habits

Make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change…

Suddenly, the choice was clear. I needed to reconnect with myself and figure out what was it that was making me feel this way. So, I stepped outside my normal, my comfort zone, and took a leave from my secure job with every intention of going back. I went travelling to Switzerland and Egypt to see family, I did yoga retreats while doing a road trip on my own along the Spanish coast from Barcelona to Tarifa… I started a blog and learned how to windsurf and meditate and just breathe… I learned how to have FUN and bring more JOY into my life. I started to say YES to whatever I wanted to do, I went to Bali to learn how to teach Yoga… Then it came time to decide whether I was actually going to go back… I said no, I’m not coming back.

Putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s necessary

WHAT?! People thought I was crazy… You just finished your MBA, you’re on track for a promotion, and you’re going to just leave it all??? The short answer: Yes. It takes a lot of courage to actually stop and take a minute to say HEY WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?! It just takes one step, one choice, one chance, one change to create a MASSIVE shift in your life. What happened after that was a series of scary, awesome experiences and extraordinary events. I got over my fear of public speaking, I stepped into the person I knew deep down was calling to me all those years ago that I chose not to see or listen to…

Control what you can, let go of what you can’t control

If you want to get unstuck, you need to reconnect with yourself. You need to learn to control your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, feelings… and you need to let go of control of your circumstances and other people… WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT??! What areas in your life are contributing to you feeling stuck? What habits do you have that are not allowing you to move forward? What limiting beliefs are you holding on to that are preventing you from being and doing exactly what you want to do. Life is hard, but we make it sooo much more complicated than it needs to be.

So, I have a challenge for you…

Well, it’s actually a free 5 day challenge to help you get unstuck and unleash the wealth woman that I know you are! All you need to do is sign up – It’s free. In this challenge you are going to START:
You’re going to start to get clear on what you really want. You’re going to start to uncover the habits and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward. You’re going to start to step into the person you know deep down is calling you. THE SECRET TO GETTING UNSTUCK IS YOU… NO ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU. COMMIT RIGHT NOW BY SIGNING UP FOR THIS 5 DAY CHALLENGE WITH ME AND UNLEASH THE WEALTHY WOMAN WITHIN YOU

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