How to Overcome Emotional Blocks

Let me tell you a story about when I was building my business... I had really great days, and I had really bad days. It was like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions that I had no control over.

It was one thing being a high achieving woman in the corporate world in my 9 to 5 job and all the stress and emotions that come with that, but being an entrepreneur… that is a whole other level. 

I had just finished my wellness coaching certification and decided I was going to make this my full time gig.

After my road trip in Spain, I knew I just had to live there even for a little bit, so I moved into this small apartment by the sea… I was so surprised at how cold it was for January in Spain, but I didn’t care because it was overlooking the sea and I could hear the waves every night before bed.  

I was living on my savings at this point, and all I wanted to do was create a business doing what I love, which is helping people out of their funk and into their dream life! 

I didn’t know anyone apart from my boyfriend at the time that I had met while I was on my roadtrip a few months earlier, but I thought this was good because I could really hunker down and focus. 

I was doing everything I could to learn as much as I could for as little as I could spend, mostly free stuff. I was a sponge!

I left a very secure job, I had my MBA and CPA and I felt like if I didn’t make it, I was going to feel like the biggest failure ever.  

Then the doubts started to come in, and I was having moments where I wanted to quit! 

Who am I to go from Wealth Management to Life Coaching? I had no mentors, no coach at the time, and I felt totally alone. 

I was working crazy long hours, more than I was when I was working in my corporate job, and I was feeling emotionally drained! Just absolutely exhausted all the time.

Now there is a reason why I say I’m a recovering workaholic – because I slip into workaholic mode, where I’m working working working and not focusing on other things that are equally or even more important.

I started to get really short with people I cared with most, crying for no reason, I mean I was an absolute mess!

Then it hit me! I’m letting my work consume me AGAIN! 

I’m overcomplicating things and making things WAY HARDER than I needed to… AGAIN!

So, I said ok: let me assess my life areas and figure out where I wasn’t feeling happy so I knew where to start. 

Then I said, ok, let me focus on that one area – so for me at that time it was tied between health and relationships. 

Health in the sense that I wasn’t eating well, exercising daily, or taking care of myself.

Relationships in the sense that I wasn’t there for my partner at the time, I was getting super snippy with people I loved, and I didn’t have any friends, peers or mentors at that time. 

I said focus on one, so health came first!

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary

As I was putting more focus on my health, I found that I was still having moments where I would feel anxious about my to do list, so I incorporated aromatherapy and breathing. 

I did this massive brain dump, where I got everything down on paper and I went through and said: what can I eliminate? What can I automate? And what can I delegate?  

There was so much on that list that I eliminated.

I was still starting, so I couldn’t really delegate or automate much but I definitely learned how to do both when I started working with a coach later down the road. 

Learning how to overcome emotional blocks…

In order for me to overcome my emotional blocks, I needed to get clear on where I was at, revisit my goals, and then focus on the things – the habits and the limiting beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back.

It’s a complete lifestyle change when you decide to start a business, you’re creating your dream life, not just your dream business. 

Everything I do revolves around my life and not my job or my business. 

It’s a frame of mind – that’s how you overcome emotional blocks and have breakthroughs and reach new levels of success you challenge the status quo.

That’s the beauty behind negative states – feelings, thoughts, emotions, beliefs – because they are a signal that something needs to change.

They signal that your current state or situation is not working, and it’s time to reconnect and make a new plan forward.

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