Making sense of Wellness

Ever since I was little, I always had a hard time answering the question:

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I remember distinctly this moment in highschool where I was given this test that would give me the answer to this question.

I was so excited! “Finally,” I thought.

Only, when I got the results, it said office manager and administration.

Eye roll. 

Really? I mean…. really?

That is when I realized that there was something fundamentally wrong with ‘the box’.

Telling people what their potential is, well, that’s just dangerous.

Or maybe it’s a great motivator. For me, I was less than impressed and felt even more that burning desire to know…

What am I going to do when I grow up.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are

Fast forward to adulthood, corporate setting. There I was, Miss. Positivity -so diplomatic, so polite, and so positive.

People would ask me all the time – How are you so happy all the time?

My friends, that’s my superpower. 

Nauseating to some, but beyond inspirational to others – To all of you in the others category, you are my people.

You’re probably also (or used to be) a people pleaser, put everyone else’s needs before your own, say yes to everything and everyone, and take things personally. 

You’re still my people – I’ve been there, done that. 

Bottom line, no matter how many letters you have beside your name, or what you accomplish, people only remember the type of person you are.

It’s the being, not the doing.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Being?

Me neither, until I did.

I thought finding out that there was more than one universal law was a big deal (Beyond The Law of Attraction), but this! 

Next level.

The Law of Being says that your circumstances at any moment in time are harmoniously related to your inner state of being.

For the longest time I was caught up in the rat race, doing all the things.

No matter how much I achieved, there was always more to do.

This is the worker bee mentality where you live your life as Do-Have-Be. 

The more you do, the more you have, and then you’ll be happy. Sound familiar?

What I’ve learned in my journey, that it’s actually living your life as BE-DO-HAVE that leads to feeling truly happy and fulfilled.  

The Law of Being

Let me clarify one thing for you and that is the definition of wellness.

Wellness is a very broad term and has taken on many definitions since ancient times.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

It’s amazing how many people think that life happens to them.

Life happens FOR you. 

You have a choice to eat fruit or chips.

You have a choice to stay in a job you no longer love or leave to pursue something else.

You have a choice to snooze in the morning or have a morning routine that sets you up for success.

These choices have a direct impact on how you feel on the inside.

Happiness is a choice too. 

Suppressing emotions – that’s a choice. 

Life happens for you and not to you

One of the most inspirational quotes I found when I was discovering who I want to be when I grow up at the age of 34 was this:

Make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

When you hit a fork in the road, that is life happening for you to say – it’s time for you to make a choice.

Trust yourself to make the right choice no matter what happens. 

Knowing yourself is the way back to your soul’s path. 

Life is a journey my friends. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.  

Exploring the 8 dimensions of wellness

By now, you get that wellness isn’t just about hitting the gym or eating kale salads—it’s a multifaceted journey encompassing various dimensions of our lives.

Your state of being revolves arouund these eight dimensions of wellness, each representing a vital aspect of our overall well-being.

1. Physical Dimension

This dimension is all about nurturing our bodies to thrive both now and in the long term. It involves regular exercise, nutritious eating habits, adequate rest, and preventive healthcare measures. By prioritizing our physical health, we lay the foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

2. Intellectual Dimension

Embracing the intellectual dimension means nurturing our minds through continuous learning and growth. It’s about staying curious, seeking knowledge, and embracing intellectual challenges. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, mastering a skill, or engaging in stimulating conversations, this dimension encourages us to expand our mental horizons.

3. Emotional Dimension

Our emotional well-being plays a crucial role in our overall wellness. This dimension involves understanding and honoring our feelings, values, and attitudes, while also empathizing with others. Effectively managing our emotions, cultivating positivity, and fostering resilience are key aspects of emotional wellness.

4. Social Dimension

Humans are inherently social beings, and our relationships profoundly impact our well-being. The social dimension emphasizes nurturing healthy connections, fostering meaningful friendships, and contributing to our communities. By cultivating strong social bonds and practicing empathy and compassion, we enhance our sense of belonging and fulfillment.

5. Spiritual Dimension

Spirituality encompasses finding purpose, meaning, and inner peace in our lives, regardless of religious affiliation. It involves connecting with something greater than ourselves, whether through meditation, prayer, nature, or acts of kindness. Cultivating a sense of spirituality can provide solace, guidance, and a deeper understanding of our place in the world.

6. Occupational Dimension

Our work occupies a significant portion of our lives, making the occupational dimension crucial to our overall wellness. This dimension involves pursuing meaningful and fulfilling work aligned with our values, skills, and interests. It’s about finding purpose in our careers, striving for work-life balance, and contributing our unique talents to the world.

7. Financial Dimension

Financial wellness is about managing our resources wisely, planning for the future, and living within our means. It involves making informed financial decisions, setting realistic goals, and preparing for both short-term needs and long-term security. By achieving financial stability, we reduce stress and create opportunities for greater freedom and fulfillment.

8. Environmental Dimension

The environmental dimension highlights the interconnectedness between our well-being and the world around us. It involves understanding how our surroundings—whether natural, built, or social—affect our health and happiness. By adopting sustainable practices, minimizing our ecological footprint, and advocating for environmental stewardship, we contribute to a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations.

Incorporating these eight dimensions into our lives fosters holistic wellness, enabling us to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

By nurturing each dimension with care and intention, we can create a life of balance, purpose, and vitality.

Join us at Wellness for Wealth and elevate your wellness to live your best life. 

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