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the Wellness for Wealth Academy.

Where the Path to Wealth Starts With You

Wellness is a state of being; an active process of making choices that lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

This is the wellness revolution, where we are making wellbeing a way of life.

Featured Benefits:

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and excited about your day

Master the art of self-discipline and planning

Stop dieting and start living

Age with grace, vitality, and energy

I am on a mission to create the largest wellness movement on the planet. One so great that it will change the world starting with each and everyone one of us.

Wellness for Wealth, where the path to true wealth starts with you.

Get Clarity on Your Vision & Values

Weekly Accountability

Expert Life, Business, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Strategies

Get 30 New Recipes and Meal Plans Every Month

Biohacking Secrets and Access to DNA Testing

Limitless Access to the Wellness for Wealth Content Vault

… and the list goes on.

Meet the Experts

Natalia Edelmann


Natalia Edelmann MBA, CPA, CMA is the Founder of Wellness for Wealth, a #1 best selling author, and Certified Holistic Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP). She believes that the path to true wealth, beyond your bank account, starts with you. Natalia knows what it’s like to be a highly ambitious woman. She also knows what it’s like to feel stuck, overweight, and in physical and emotional pain.  Her journey from wealth management into wellness and entrepreneurship has given her a unique blend of skills and expertise that can’t be found elsewhere. When she’s not working with clients or organizing retreats, you can find her at spin class or playing padel tennins, or even padel boarding on the beach. 

Dr. Ginny Thompson

dpt, fmp

Dr. Ginny Thompson, DPT, FMP is the Founder/Owner of DGT Vitality & DGT Joint Academy. She is a Physical Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2008 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, she completed her training in Functional Medicine through the FMFT Academy. Dr. Thompson became interested in Functional Medicine when she discovered there was a way to help people improve their health long term by finding the root cause and not just covering up their symptoms. When she’s not working with patients, you can find her hiking with her husband and dog, camping, paddle boarding or snow boarding.


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Basic Membership

$ 22
Monthly or Annual at $240
  • 30 new recipes a month
  • 30 meal plans a month
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Access to DNA testing
  • Membership to Private Community
  • Access to Wellness for Wealth Content Vault (over 15+ courses)
  • Expert life and business strategies with Natalia Edelmann
  • Expert health, fitness, & nutrition strategies with Dr. Ginny Thompson
  • and more!

VIP Membership

$ 97
Monthly or annual at $1,050
  • Basic Membership +
  • Monthly Q & A
  • Monthly challenges
  • Access to Preventative Care Lab Testing
  • Access to Optimal Gut & Hormone Health Solutions
  • Weekly Accountability + Review by Coaches
  • Access to Exclusive Retreats
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